How to crack interview?


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Hello Friends, Recently I cracked interview so I want to share my experience with you. I must say interview process is crucial part of selection process. If anyone wants job then he/she has to crack the interview. 😉

Whenever you go for interview you should be well-dressed so interviewer can understand that you are suitable for job.

It is most important that you have to investigate some information about the company so you know what are your roles and what you can do for those companies so always gather some information before go to the interview. So in case if interviewer asks any question you are able to give the answer.

When you go for interview room at that time always take the permission to enter the room and after go room take the permission to take the sit before start the interview always handshake with interviewer.


There are some question which are always in interview like “Tell me about you self” or “why should we hire you?” in such question always concentrate on positive attributes and your skills or your willingness to do the work and convince the interviewer that you are enthusiastic (Passionate) person to do the work for company. 😉 Continue reading


Secret of Happiness


The human mind can achieve anything but we have to concentrate on our goal. Every person thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day. But 95% of those thought are same as day before. The first step to achieve happiness is to remember that your outside world begins within your inside world. Today’s thoughts build tomorrow’s dreams. If you want to live happily then I suggest that never give up on your dreams, one day you can accomplish your goal. 😉

Live your life


Don’t blame on the past or such things which are failed for some reasons always think positive about that if you will try next time you will definitely get success. Continue reading

My First article

Hello friends this is my first article on my personal blog. I am feeling great to share my views with you. How I start my journey of blogging. How I feel when people waste their time in silly things I am also one of them but now I have really understood value of time. Once time is gone it never comes back. I waste my lots of time in seeing movies or in serials. I am in last year of engineering.

I have lots of time to learn something new but I waste all of my time. I learn many things but I have never implemented them. Now on wards I am going to use my knowledge to improve my learning ability and of course to share my knowledge with people so they can know how to work in discipline with time. Continue reading