myownwordsdotme2 by Janaki Soumya

It’s been two years since the Nirbhaya incident had happened in the country. Yet it doesn’t appear that much has changed with respect to the required seriousness in this matter. We often hear people passing comments and giving away character certificates to the victims just because they think that the victim belongs to the weaker section of the so called society.
I would like to share a small incident that happened with someone I personally know to see the people’s reaction after these 2 years; however I am changing the names to maintain privacy.

There was a girl (Anamika) who was very outspoken, confident and extremely friendly. She had so many friends among girls and boys that she could adjust and live anywhere without any worry. One of her friends who was a boy (Ronny) and whom she and her entire family knew very well (rather assumed to know very…

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