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Hello Friends, Today we are going to talk about anger. We all know what anger is but anyone thinks about how to control anger. What are the affects it will create in over life? Today I will give you some tips to controlling the anger.


Why we have to control over anger?

Anyone thought for one second why we have to control anger? It is over nature to get angry. “We have to take control of anger not controlled by anger”. We have to control over anger because it is for your own sake and also for surrounding peoples.

Every day we face anger because of many reasons some of them are frustration, hurt, harassment, injustice. These are some reasons for anger and rage.

“If you kick a stone in anger, you’ll hurt your own foot” – Korean Proverb

We all think that anger is growing from teenager but I am not agreeing with it. When any person becomes teenager at that time he/she knows about the truth of anger then also they always chose path of rage and anger.


Causes of anger

There are many causes of anger but there are some causes are proved by the scientist. One of them is heart attack if your rage is tremendously high then it will cause the heart attack to the person. Anger hurts your physical and mental health.

And one of the most important things is that if you will not let go anger then it will definitely affect to your career.

Anger will endanger your relationships with surrounding peoples it will harm you and your friends.

The main source of anger is detested.

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Tips to calm your rage (anger)

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” Buddha

1. Countdown numbers in reverse order

Whenever you fill rage at that time countdown numbers in reverse order so it will calm yourself and it fills well and slowly you will forget about your rage.

2. Forgive and Forget

This is one of the best way to calm yourself forgive and forget. Whenever you fill rage because of any person then forgive him or are the person of forgiveness. If you cannot forgive then forget what happen and move forward. Forgive and forget is one of the effective crest. 🙂

3. Relaxation

Apply relaxation to control your rage or anger. You are thinking what relaxation is. Try this for relaxation. One is using your breathing process. Take deep breath and breath out continue this until you fill calm. And second is repeat your favorite word which makes you fills keen. If you see 3-idiot in that movie there is one word they use “all is well” keep repeating this word and take deep breath in and out.

4. Meditation

You all know what meditation is? This is the best toxin for your health and your mental status. If you want to know more about meditation then read my previous article on meditation. How it help to control your rage. If you have seen the movie Avenger then in that movie one character Hulk use meditation for control his anger. One tip for meditation is when you wake up early in morning and close your eyes and think about your happy moments which make you peachy. 😉

5. Figure out what you love to do.

When you fill anger at that time forget about everything and work what you love to do. This will make you happy and you will forget about your anger. Some people love to listen music so they forget about their anger and listen music for 10 to 15 min. if you want to be a calm person then quickly find out what you love to do. 🙂

Forgiveness is pearl of calm people.

Now at last my point of view is that if you feel rage or anger at that time forget everything and leave that place for some time when you feel better and calm go and thought what did happen and what reason for that angriness are. Figure out that reasons and try to understand your mistakes and overcome your weaknesses.

I hope that you enjoy to reading this article. If you have any suggestions for me then you are warmly welcome. 😉