7 Steps to Positive Thinking

My Chakras

I’m sure you have a bright idea hidden somewhere in the back of your mind that you just can’t wait to test out. Of course you’re not the only one with the bright idea. So what motivates you to churn those creative, or even inspiring juices to its utmost flavor?

It’s always best to set up a personal goal where you can accomplish the most in record time, maybe like mowing the lawn in an hour before the big game on TV. A correct and positive attitude in whatever you do will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

Here are some tips to make it through the week even if you’re just sitting in your favorite couch. An idea takes time to form in your head and is always at work while you are busy sitting.

Having a bit of positive thinking can help you realize things that you never thought…

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Anamika – Story of a Friendly Girl

myownwordsdotme2 by Janaki Soumya

It’s been two years since the Nirbhaya incident had happened in the country. Yet it doesn’t appear that much has changed with respect to the required seriousness in this matter. We often hear people passing comments and giving away character certificates to the victims just because they think that the victim belongs to the weaker section of the so called society.
I would like to share a small incident that happened with someone I personally know to see the people’s reaction after these 2 years; however I am changing the names to maintain privacy.

There was a girl (Anamika) who was very outspoken, confident and extremely friendly. She had so many friends among girls and boys that she could adjust and live anywhere without any worry. One of her friends who was a boy (Ronny) and whom she and her entire family knew very well (rather assumed to know very…

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Farewell Poem

myownwordsdotme2 by Janaki Soumya

All are ours

Either Good or Bad

Happy or Sad

We all are One

Different Are None

We walked together

Holding Each Other

With Love and Affection

And feeling the Heart’s warmth

Telling each other what’s right and what’s wrong

Singing a merry song

With the very word depart

We used to cry

For all the harm I’ve done

I bend my head with shy

But remember –

You are not alone

There’s someone who cares

The one who always shares

Your days and nights dreams

Is still waiting for you

At her door

To welcome you

To sit with you

To talk to you

To understand and help you

Thank you!

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10 Things You Need To Start Telling Yourself Every Day

Thought Catalog


1. Past mistakes don’t determine who you are. Don’t let yesterday’s shortcomings prevent you from doing something great today. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them.

2. You are not your father, mother, brother, or sister. That’s not an insult to them, but if no one else in your family went to college, that doesn’t mean you won’t be the first. You define your own path.

3. There are times in your life when you have difficult choices to make. Guess what? You’re going to make the wrong choice sometimes. Learn from it, but don’t hold it over your own head. You can’t change it and dwelling on it will only prevent you from making better choices in the future.

4. Everybody fails. It’s not just you and you’re not the first one to be in this situation. Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

5. You…

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All Around Us.

Life Is Like That

bee at naramata

We don’t have to go far to find the treasure we are seeking.
There is beauty and goodness right where we are.
And only when we can see the beauty and goodness
that are close by can we recognize beauty and goodness
on our travels far and wide.

There are trees and flowers to enjoy, paintings and sculptures to admire;
most of all there are people who smile, play, and show kindness and gentleness.
They are all around us, to be recognized as free gifts to receive in gratitude.

Our temptation is to collect all the beauty and goodness
surrounding us as helpful information we can use for our projects.
But then we cannot enjoy it, and we soon find that
we need a vacation to restore ourselves.

Let’s try to see the beauty and goodness in front of us
before we go elsewhere to look for it.

by: Henri…

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Watch: This Guy Invented Crazy Shoes That Let Him Walk Upside-Down


Fresh off of his invention of retractable Wolverine claws, British inventor Colin Furze has unveiled the latest gadget in a growing line of X-Men inspired creations: “Magneto shoes.”

Furze debuted the shoes on YouTube with an upside-down stroll across a rafter in his garage. The shoes have two home-made magnets mounted to a pair of Vans.

Rather than pay upwards of “80 quid” for industrial strength magnets, Furze explained in an accompanying how-to video that he could create the same supercharged forces by salvaging microwaves from a local dump, clipping transformers out of the back and running an electrical current through them. Moments later, he’s hanging upside down by his feet, shouting, “Oh my god, that is holding my whole weight.”

The rest is history, of sorts.

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These Maps Show Every Country’s Most Valuable Exports


Ever wonder what exports ultimately bring in the most money around the world? For many countries, it’s obviously oil, but for others, commodities ranging from soybeans to opium to diamonds bring in the most cash.

To visualize this information, GlobalPost gathered data from the CIA Factbook to determine each nation’s highest valued export, and then created a series of maps.

See the results broken down by region:

EuropeAsiaAfricaMiddle east & Central asiaSouth AmericanNorth America

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Why Meditation?



Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Meditation. One single word meditation can tell many things. When we here meditation many question strike in our mind. What is meditation? Why meditation? What are the benefits of meditation? How to meditate? This all questions are comes in our mind. Today I am going to answer these questions. 😉

In Indian history there are many monks who master in the meditation but the main source or beginning point of meditation is from Lord Shiva. He suggests us to find our reality And give the direction to find our self-using meditation.


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Benefits of Smiling



Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about smiling. you all know what one simple smile can do. Smile is weapon to convince some one. In real life smile make us confident to live life with happiness. In outer world there are many people who smile for no reason but they are luckiest people in the world. And also they are never going to search the treasure of smiling because Treasure of smiling is graved within us you do not have to find out side; simply you have to become capable to find the treasure. 😉

There are some people who can’t find that treasure but it is our responsibility to help him to find his happiness and make him smile. I think if we make someone happy then we can find our treasure so keep looking for that someone. 😉


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